Case Studies

Hydraulic seals run 20+ years on Thames Barrier

Absolute reliability is needed from hydraulic cylinders that lift the Thames Barrier's massive gates to protect London against surge tides or flooding. "For over 20 years, the same 16 sets of James Walker hydraulic seals have worked perfectly, in the heat of summer and freezing winter conditions, to open and close the Barrier's four main 3300 tonne gates..."

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RotaBolt specified for Dow Corning’s new Chinese plant

Dow Corning, global supplier of silicone-based materials, is using over 4000 RotaBolt tension control fasteners on high integrity pipe work, vessels and large body flanges at its new plant currently under construction in Jiangsu province, China.

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HydroSele® solves turbine shaft problems in Spain

Spanish power utility Endesa Generacion is so impressed with the trouble-free performance of its HydroSele® cartridge seal that a second unit will soon be installed at Bosost hydropower station, high in the Pyrenees.

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Manifold problems solved on MAN marine diesels

Customised seals and technical expertise from James Walker have overcome damage problems on the inlet manifolds of MAN's high-efficiency V28/33D marine diesel engine. This engine in its V12, V16 and V20 configurations was designed by Alstom Engines in the UK, and purchased with the company by MAN Diesel in June 2000.

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Tico Mounting Pads take the pressure

James Walker Tiflex found the answers when German forging company Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg ran into serious problems with the mountings on a new 270 tonne Farina 3150 forging press.

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Joint integrity success at nuclear plant

A 24-inch valve at a nuclear power plant was rendered totally leak free for the first time in seven years, following the application of a technology driven approach to achieving joint integrity.

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