RotaBolt specified for Dow Corning's new Chinese plant

Dow Corning, global supplier of silicone-based materials, is using over 4000 RotaBolt tension control fasteners on high integrity pipe work, vessels and large body flanges at its new plant currently under construction in Jiangsu province, China.

The fasteners have been designed-in because of their successful track record in Dow Corning's flange management control systems at its plant in Barry, South Wales, where they have been in use for a number of years.

The RotaBolts have been selected by Dow Corning based on two main criteria. Firstly, to ensure that a minimum bolt tension has been achieved and to monitor loss of the minimum bolt tension throughout the life of the plant. Secondly, RotaBolt's assurance procedures, which see every fastener being 100% load test calibrated, more than met Dow Corning's requirements on the control of materials.

At South Wales, Dow Corning has come to view RotaBolt fasteners as an important hardware component in its management of critical joints, as part of its commitment to high integrity systems.

This has resulted in RotaBolt fasteners being fitted on a number of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, in addition to some of the high integrity pipeline flanges.

The company has found the tactile tension monitoring system a major advantage, with an instant finger-test of the RotaCap on each fastener being all that is required to let the engineer know that the correct bolt load is being maintained.

27 October 2009

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