World’s first integrated bolted joint tension control system

 Integrity is the world's first, fool-proof, tension control tightening system for bolted joints.

 The result of an alliance between the two global leaders in tightening control and bolted joint technology, the integrated system quickly and easily installs RotaBolt fasteners to the correct design tension without the need to remove the installation tool to check tightness.

Integrity automatically senses when the special cap on top of the fastener has locked, to signify that design tension has been achieved, and immediately cuts hydraulic power to the tensioning tool.

Failures of critical bolted joints can be disastrous and over 90% of all failures can be attributed to insufficient bolt tension at installation. The Integrity system will not only reduce the time required for installation and assembly procedures, it will also provide significant improvements in safety, by guaranteeing joints are correctly tensioned. The RotaBolt then enables this tension to be easily monitored and maintained in service.

19 July 2010

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