Thermographic survey reveals hidden truth

In the majority of cases there are few visible clues to the impending failure of an expansion joint even for an experienced engineer. By the time it becomes obvious, then sadly this is too late and repair or replacement is required.Using thermal imaging technology however it is possible to ‘see’ what is happening within the joint at any time and under an operational load. Interpreted by those experienced in the design  and manufacture of expansion joints it is possible to accurately understand what is happening within the joint, what the potential consequences may be and how any problem can be solved.James Walker offers thermographic surveying of operational expansion joints on any plant and recommends that regular thermographic surveying should be an integral part of scheduled maintenance for expansion joints. Although the company uses FEA modelling when designing expansion joints, it is so important to understand what is happening within the area of the joint that wherever possible we use a thermographic survey as the first step when designing a replacement for an existing joint.

17 September 2012

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