Plastics for the metallurgical industry

At first appearance, selling thermoplastic components to the metallurgical industry might seem a harder task than selling ice to an Eskimo, but Devlon® thermoplastic components are proving highly popular in the heat of metal production.

Devlon materials are amongst the toughest and most hard wearing thermoplastics available. Produced by monomer casting, they combine a range of beneficial properties including excellent wear resistance, outstanding impact strength and low moisture absorption as well as eliminating corrosion and reducing wear on mating parts.

These material characteristics readily translate into tangible benefits for rolling mill maintenance and plant engineers when Devlon is used for the manufacture of a variety of plant components. Component life is extended, corrosion is eliminated and Devlon can run without lubrication in many instances. Add such time and cost-saving benefits to the ease of handling of parts that weigh many times less than their metal equivalents and you have some compelling arguments for introducing thermoplastic materials into metal rolling mills.

With a number of applications such as drive dogs, table and accumulator rolls and mandrel cover segments already proven in Devlon materials, the James Walker global metallurgical team is now rolling out a campaign to convert more customers and more applications to Devlon components – bringing the benefits of maintenance savings and improved performance and extending the overall package of products we are able to offer to the metallurgical industry.

17 September 2012

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