James Walker hits counterfeiters hard at Valve World Expo

The risk of counterfeiting shadows every successful product in today’s markets and James Walker has not been immune to its effects.

At the recent Valve World exhibition the business took a robust stand against the activities of an Asian company promoting a substandard copy of James Walker Devlon® V-API thermoplastic material.

Our action included a strong publicity campaign to raise awareness of counterfeiting in general, plus more direct warnings on the counterfeit Devlon V-API material actively distributed around the event. James Walker also obtained a legal injunction against the offender, preventing the display and promotion of any material purporting to be Devlon V-API.

Our actions received significant support from the media, event organisers, OEMs and end-users, demonstrating a general recognition of the risks involved to plant, process, the environment and potentially human life when sub-standard counterfeit materials and components find their way into operational use.

11 February 2013

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