James Walker Devol wins trademark judgement

As it seeks to defend its internationally recognised Devlon® trademark, UK thermoplastics manufacturer James Walker Devol has successfully obtained an injunction in Germany against a Chinese plastics company as just one possible source of infringing products in the EU.

In the fight to prevent counterfeiting of its Devlon® V-API thermoplastic material and the unlicensed use of its UK, US and European trademarks, James Walker Devol took legal action against the Chinese plastics manufacturer NanJing CompTECH Composites Co. Ltd. An injunction granted by the German courts prevented the Chinese company from exhibiting and promoting products under the Devlon V-API trade name at the recent Valve World Europe exhibition in Dusseldorf.

“The judgement in Germany was our latest move in seeking to protect customers against the potential risks of counterfeit materials finding their way into critical applications,” comments George Robertson, Sales Director for James Walker Devol. “The chemical signature of our material is distinct and with the use of modern laboratory technology, we are able to identify counterfeit materials.   Devlon V-API has been designed with properties that allow it to perform in specific, demanding applications and environments. We would encourage anyone who may have doubts about products they are offered to contact us immediately by email reportcounterfeiting@jameswalker.biz or telephone 01475 657 360.”

The Devlon range of thermoplastics was developed by James Walker Devol in the 1980s and Devlon V-API was specifically formulated to provide a comprehensive range of properties including wear resistance, impact strength and improved resistance to moisture absorption. As with the rest of the range, Devlon V-API has only ever been produced by the company at its headquarters in Scotland and the formulation has never been released to third parties, nor have manufacturing licences been granted to any other companies.

Concluding, George Robertson again stresses the importance for customers to contact James Walker Devol if they have any concerns over orders or purchases relating to Devlon V-API - “It is crucial that we eliminate any failures as a result of the potentially serious risks caused by use of counterfeit material.  Our main concern is over safety and I would urge any customer with doubts to contact us as a matter of urgency.”

28 February 2013

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