Supagraf Premier produces world class API 622 performance

Supagraf Premier produced an average emission level of just 10.5ppmV with a maximum of  37ppmV over the 5 thermal and 1510 mechanical cycles of the API 622 test.

Emissions were similar for both static and dynamic phases of the test and significantly this outstanding performance was achieved with no additional stem adjustments after installation.

The API 622 2nd edition specification represents arguably the most arduous fugitive emissions test conditions for today’s high performance valve stem packings.

The latest edition of this specification includes an increase from 3 to 5 thermal cycles plus 1510 mechanical cycles, replicating a service life of 5 years.

Tested at United Valve, Houston, James Walker’s Supagraf® Premier graphite packing has produced exceptional fugitive emissions performance for a graphite-based braided lengthform packing.

Manufactured from high quality graphite ribbon, reinforced with Inconel 600 wire and impregnated with James Walker’s proprietary lubrication package, Supagraf Premier produced results well below the 50ppmV industry benchmark performance level.

This result, in combination with an excellent Class A ISO 15848 AH CO2 test result, and proven performance to SHELL 77-312 and TA LUFT specifications, positions Supagraf Premier as the valve stem packing of choice.

By selecting Supagraf Premier you can safely anticipate low leakage and low friction performance, together with low maintenance for the lifetime of the valve packing.

06 September 2013

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