RotaBolt tension indicator fasteners for BP gas terminal

RotaBolt measurement fasteners from James Walker have been fitted to a heat exchanger on a BP gas processing terminal as part of the company’s continuous improvement programme. The fasteners were used to assure that the correct design load was being achieved on bolted joints on four of the terminal’s re-boilers.

“We have fitted RotaBolts on the bolted joints where the main vessel connects to the channel system,” commented the plant’s Asset Care Engineer, “we had been using ultrasonic measurement of bolt extension to check correct pre-load but the use of RotaBolt measurement has helped us overcome some inconsistencies. The improvements, which included re-machining the sealing faces, are assuring our leak-free start-ups.”

The joints experience substantial temperature differentials during start-up and can be subject to distortion. During these thermal swings it is essential that the correct tension is being achieved and maintained across the joints to assure integrity.   

The technology built-in to each RotaBolt fastener assures that the correct tension is achieved and maintained throughout the life of the bolted joint. The design of the fastener also has the added benefit that it can be 'instantly' finger-tip checked. This dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to carry out routine maintenance leading to a substantial reduction in costs.

RotaBolt tension indicator fasteners are part of a range of sealing and bolting products and specialist materials for the oil and gas industry from global engineering business James Walker, who will be exhibiting at AOG 2014 in February. The company will also be sponsoring the WELL INTEGRITY, WORKOVER & OPERATION STREAM sessions on the morning of day one of the AOG Subsea conference schedule.

18 February 2014

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