InsoLion FS - The first fire-safe flange isolation product to gain Shell TAT approval

James Walker’s InsoLion® FS fire-safe flange isolation gasket has become the first such product to gain Shell TAT approval.

The InsoLion FS gasket is our premium performance isolation gasket and utilises a patented triple seal design. This incorporates a coated metallic core housing a modified u-shaped TFM seal energised with a phynox spring. The location of the triple seal design elements on the gasket face allows the gasket to be used across all types of flange styles including ring joint and raised face flanges.

This configuration means that InsoLion FS combines exceptional fugitive emissions performance, chemical compatibility and electrical isolation with the capability of maintaining sealing performance after API 6FB 3rd Edition fire test.

Vermilion Three certificateTo validate the performance of InsoLion FS, 3rd party witnessed testing successfully completed included fugitive emissions to Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.2, Hot Operational tightness (HOTT) Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.5 and electrical 1500V isolation Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.15 API 6FB 3rd Edition Fire Test.

InsoLion FS heads up our comprehensive range of flange isolation products, which includes the InsoLion G11 variant that also holds a Shell TAT approval and, like the FS model, offers fugitive emissions levels significantly lower than those required under Shell MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.2 Class A (HS).

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01 May 2018

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