Collaborating with Edinburgh University’s Hyped Team

Always on the lookout for the latest market developments and what the future may hold, our team of experts at James Walker constantly seek new challenges and one recent project proved to be no exception. 

Hyperloop is engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk’s concept for the future of public transportation.

As part of the project, university teams from around the world compete to showcase their developments for self-propelled transportation pods. The first two rounds of the competition took place in 2017, with the recent instalment in July 2018 focusing on achieving maximum speed and safety.

These magnetically propelled pods will travel through near vacuum conditions and in excess of 700 miles per hour. For people to travel safely in this way, it is critical to seal normal atmospheric conditions inside the pod while it travels through specially constructed vacuum tunnels at great speed. This important issue was highlighted by Edinburgh University’s Hyped Team as they developed their second generation Hyperloop pod, Poddy the Second, for the July tests at SpaceX headquarters in California.

During the design process for Poddy the Second, experts from James Walker worked together with the Hyped team to explore options for the critical door seal which would be responsible for maintaining these safe conditions inside their pod. Through detailed discussions with both the composite manufacturers for the main body and the Hyped team, engineers at James Walker arrived at a simple gasket profile for trials at this year’s competition.

James Walker were delighted to have been able to apply over 135 years of sealing experience to this futuristic and next generation technology project and look forward to continuing this relationship with the Edinburgh-based team for future designs.


01 August 2018

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