Plain sailing for urgent seal replacement

24 November 2014

Plain sailing for urgent seal replacement request from Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri.

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Shieldseal 663 tested to simulate 40-year life in nuclear environments

24 November 2014

Shieldseal 663 is the latest elastomer developed by James Walker for long-term applications in ionising radiation.

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Positive Material Identification for Devlon V-API

21 November 2014

Instant identification of authentic Devlon® V-API in the field.

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RotaBolt ensures joint integrity for German offshore wind farm

31 July 2014

James Walker RotaBolt tension measurement fastener technology is being used on an offshore wind turbine project as a reliable method of achieving the required design clamp load for foundation flanges.

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RotaBolt Aid for Divers

17 July 2014

Welcomed by divers around the world the RotaBolt divers' wheel! makes bolt tension checking easy - even in bulky diving gloves.

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RotaBolt tension indicator fasteners for BP gas terminal

18 February 2014

RotaBolt measurement fasteners from James Walker have been fitted to a heat exchanger on a BP gas processing terminal.

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Supagraf Premier produces world class API 622 performance

06 September 2013

Supagraf Premier achieved an average emission level of just 10.5ppmV in independent testing to API 622.

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James Walker Devol wins trademark judgement

28 February 2013

James Walker Devol has obtained an injunction against a Chinese plastics company for infringing product trademarks in the EU.

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James Walker hits counterfeiters hard at Valve World Expo

11 February 2013

At the recent Valve World exhibition the business took a robust stand against the activities of an Asian company promoting a substandard copy of James Walker Devlon® V-API thermoplastic material.

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23 November 2012

Sub-standard copies of James Walker Devlon® V-API thermoplastic material are being offered to valve manufacturers and end users.

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