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Solosele KB Hydro for Kaplan turbine blade roots

An innovative product developed specifically to seal the blade roots of Kaplan water turbines.

Solosele KB Hydro for Kaplan turbine blade roots (French)

An innovative product developed specifically to seal the blade roots of Kaplan water turbines.

Supagraf Control

An innovative compression packing that provides long-term, high integrity sealing for control valves.

Supagraf OX

Developed specifically for valve services with gaseous and liquid oxygen, to provide safe operation and low emission rates.

Supagraf Premier

One of our top-of-the-range fugitive emission control packings for valves. It is a ‘best available technique’ product for reducing industry’s VOC fugitive emissions in line with the European Union’s IPPC Directive

Supagraf Premipak

A superior combination packing set for valves. It is based on two class-leading graphite products.

Tank container sealing guide

Comprehensive range of seals and gaskets for tank lid sealing duties.

Tankatite 250

A state of the art packing design specifically developed for production in rectangular sections and at smaller sections to suit the smaller tank lid recesses of road and rail tankers.

Tankatite 440

A resilient elastomeric core, spirally wrapped with PTFE tape and surrounded by successive braided jackets of inert polypropylene yarn.

Tankatite 660

A heat resistant grade of Tankatite. Similar in construction to Tankatite 440, but with braided jackets of high quality glass fibre yarns instead of polypropylene.

Tankatite 880 ACR

A new economical grade of general purpose lid packing for tank containers, road and rail tankers, especially where the packing needs to be changed after each trip/cargo.

Tankatite 880 Super

A clean, length form packing manufactured from an inert reinforced polypropylene yarn, impregnated with PTFE and an inert resin to provide a non-stick surface.

Thermoplastic sheaves data sheet

Thermoplastic sheaves data sheet.

TorrLid 162B

This specialised product has been developed specifically as a lid seal to hold a vacuum within crucibles of molten aluminium.

TorrLid 297

This highly specialised product features a resilient, hollow-centred elastomeric core that resists higher temperatures than the ethylene-propylene used in TorrLid 162B.

Tube test seals

Tube testing machines need to repeatedly seal and release the steel tube ends as part of the hydrostatic testing process.


Spring-energised PTFE lip seals for use in demanding applications.


The new generation of high performance elastomers for the oil and gas industry.

Walkersele OSJ on-site joining of rotary seals

Walkersele OSJ offers the best of both worlds, combining the ease and maintenance economies of split seal assembly with the fluid sealing performance of an endless seal.

Walkersele radial lip seals

Our Walkersele family offers a wide range of standard material/design combinations to suit virtually all radial lip seal duties.

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