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Anti-vibration and machinery mounting guide

Top quality cork-elastomer based products for vibration attenuation, machinery mounting and levelling, impact absorption, pipe supports and bearing supports.


Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant compatible sealing materials for marine propulsion applications.

Bureau Veritas material type approval certificate LR5781 elastomer

Bureau Veritas material type approval for elastomeric lip seals in stern tube sealing applications.

CNAF Chemical Compatibility Guide

Chemical Compatibility Guide for Chieftain X, Centurion X, and Sentinel X compressed non asbestos fibre sheet gasket materials.

Centurion X

Centurion X is a high performance BS7531 Grade X sheet jointing, based on glass and aramid fibres with a nitrile (NBR) binder.

Chieftain X

Chieftain X is a high performance BS7531 Grade X sheet jointing, based on graphite reinforced with aramid fibres with a nitrile (NBR) binder.

Comflex expansion joints and bellows

Design, manufacture and installation of flexible expansion joints and bellows.

Comflex rubber expansion joints engineering guide

Product descriptions, technical data, advice on application and calculation criteria for Comflex rubber expansion joints.

Compression packing guide

Lionpak, Supagraf, Tankatite and TorrLid packings for valve, pump, fugitive emissions and static, tank lid and furnace door applications.

Custom design and moulding of elastomeric components

The development of new or customer specific products and the services we can offer in material formulation and compounding, component design and re-engineering plus manufacture and supply.

Custom designed cartridge seals

The total solution to rotary shaft sealing problems, particularly where standard methods and products are unlikely to succeed.

Devlon S grade

Devlon S grade engineered thermoplastic material datasheet.

Devlon T100

Devlon T100 engineered thermoplastic material datasheet.

Devlon V-API

Devlon V-API engineered thermoplastic material data sheet.

Devlon V-API thermoplastic valve seats

Devlon V-API has been developed by James Walker in close cooperation with the valve industry as the answer to the search for a superior valve seat material.

Devlon engineered thermoplastic components - Construction, quarrying and mining industries

Our comprehensive range of engineered thermoplastic rollers, sheaves, bushes and bearings, wear pads and outrigger feet.

Devlon engineered thermoplastic components - ROV buckets for the oil and gas industry

Devlon ROV buckets, manufactured in Devlon V-API, provide docking, torque reaction, alignment and socket mating for ROV-deployed rotary tools and connectors.

Devlon engineered thermoplastic components - Steel and non-ferrous rolling mills

Thrust collars, support rollers, slipper pads and wear plates in engineered thermoplastic materials.

Devlon polymers positive material identification

Positive material identification in engineered thermoplastic materials.


Devlube engineered thermoplastic material datasheet.

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