General purpose - Mechanical seals
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Mechanical Seals from New Zealand

General purpose - Mechanical seals

  • Rubber Bellows
  • Metal Below
  • Single Spring
  • Multi Spring
  • Cartridge
  • Eco Cartridge
  • JW OS Seal®
  • JW Special Designs®

Full Product Range

The cartridge

Cartridge Seal

Can be supplied as our standard unitised Multi-Spring or Metal Bellows cartridge seals, or a special Short Stuffing Box Multi-Spring version.

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The eco

ECO Cartridge Seal

The James Walker NZ Eco Cartridge Seal is designed for difficult environments such as caustics, acids, hot oils & bitumen, sugar syrups and other applications

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The os

JW OS Seal

James Walker New Zealand's OS seal is manufactured for chemical applications in plastic, rubber, glass, Teflon® and exotic metal pumps.

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The special design

JW Special Design

James Walker NZ designers can design mechanical seals to suit your specific applications

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The multi spring

Multi-Spring Seal

James Walker NZ Multi-Spring seal is a reliable, robust, anti-clogging seal manufactured to the highest standards, for use with water, chemicals, oils, fuel oils Slurries and sludges.

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The rubber bellows

Rubber Bellows Seal

James Walker NZ, supplies RL, RLM DIN Pacseal T21 equivalent, JW RC / RD - Cyclam equivalent seals, JW RN  MG1, MG12, MG13 equivalent seals, these seals can come with many different stationary seat options.

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The single spring

Single Spring Seals

James Walker NZ can supply the M2, M3, M32 style Single Spring Mechanical Seal for use with non-DIN or DIN 24960 Pumps

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