Environmental Excellence

Fugitive Emission Control

We have wide ranges of fluid sealing products that are proven to reduce VOC fugitive emissions from pipelines, processing plant and pressure vessels.

Many of these products are TA-Luft certified to demonstrate Best Available Technique under the European Union's IPPC directive.

In addition, our world-leading range of rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant elastomers and seals help reduce the potential severity of leakages at oil and gas wellheads and pipelines.


DuPont™ KVSP®

Fugitive emission control with Kalrez®

  • DuPont™ Kalrez® Valve Stem Packing.
  • Alternate V-rings of perfluoroelastomer and PTFE or DuPont™ Zymaxx® composite.
  • Five-part set can reduce valve stem leakage to 10ppm or less.
  • For valves at oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical processing sites.  
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Metakamm® gaskets

For high temperature/pressure pipework and vessels

  • Robust metal core with concentric grooves on either side plus soft layers of sealing material.
  • Better leak-tightness than spiral-wound gaskets
  • Safer and easier to handle than spiral-wound.
  • Operate at up to 1000°C or 25MPa/250bar.
  • Shell TAT approved variant to the testing requirements of Shell MESC SPE 85/300
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Metcom® gasket

High temperatures/pressures and self-locating

  • Thin corrugated steel with concentric grooves.
  • Grooves filled with expanded graphite.
  • Lug design for easy fitting with self-locatiion.
  • Thinner than a spiral wound gasket.
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Supagraf® Control

Long-term sealing plus fugitive emission control

  • High integrity sealing with low-friction for control valves.
  • Reduces fugitive emissions to below 50ppm to help industry meet EU IPPC Directive.
  • TA Luft and ISO 15848-1 certified in valves.
  • Long-term adjustment-free operation - over 100,000 valve strokes.
  • Maximum system pressure: 25MPa.
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Supagraf® LF Rings

Low friction plus fugitive emission control

  • Moulded rings of expanded graphite with special low-friction coating.
  • Fugitive emission control to 50ppm or better.
  • Retains low-friction with emission control for 60,000+ valve cycles.
  • Maximum service pressure: 25MPa.
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Supagraf® Premier

World-beating fugitive emission control

  • Independently certified to TA Luft requirements.
  • API 622: average emission level of 10.5ppmV.
  • Top of its class in independent tests run on behalf of CAPI Group (Akzo Nobel, Shell, Dow and DSM).
  • Low friction on rotary and rising stem valves.
  • Maximum system pressure for general application: 25MPa.
  • Certified system pressure in BSM valve: 69MPa.
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