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Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of industry worldwide is enhanced by the use of lower friction sealing products such as our Walkersele® Ultraglide rotary lip seals, Supagraf® expanded graphite and PTFE-based gland packings, and high-efficierncy hydraulic seals with instant response to pressure variations.

Long-term energy efficiency also derives from reduced fluid leakage created by our improvements in sealing technology, as energy-expensive products are no longer lost so readily as fugitive emissions or spills.



An outstanding pump packing

  • Highly versatile packing of 100% GORE® GFO® yarn.
  • Approved for potable water.
  • Extended service life - by up to 400% in harsh environments.
  • Maximum shaft speed: 22m/s.
  • Also suitable for valves and reciprocating pumps. 
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Fluolion® Emulsion XA-P

High performance packing for chemical duties

  • Universal packing of a unique synthetic yarn, cross-plaited over an elastomeric core.
  • Excellent choice for hot, abrasive, caustic media.
  • Maximum shaft speed: 20m/s.
  • Also suitable for valves and reciprocating pumps.
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Long life with off-centre shafts and abrasive media

  • Aramid at corners, PTFE/graphite in body, over an elastomeric core.
  • Absorbs eccentric action of worn shafts/bearings.
  • Approved for potable water.
  • Maximum shaft speed: 20m/s.
  • Also suitable for valves and reciprocating pumps.
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Lionsele® G - for rods & glands

High performance single-acting seal

  • Compact seal with very smooth operation.
  • Low dynamic and breakout friction.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 40MPa.
  • Maximum surface speed: 5m/s.
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Lionsele® P - for pistons

High performance double-acting seal

  • Compact seal with low levels of dynamic and breakout friction.
  • Instant response to pressure plus low power consumption.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 40MPa.
  • Maximum surface speed: 5m/s.
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Lofilm® HD - for rams, rods & glands

Heavy duty for forging and extrusion presses

  • Very robust and well proven packing.
  • Instant sealing response under all loads.
  • High integrity sealing against worn surfaces.
  • Split seals provide major downtime savings.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 62MPa.
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Supagraf® Control

Long-term sealing plus fugitive emission control

  • High integrity sealing with low-friction for control valves.
  • Reduces fugitive emissions to below 50ppm to help industry meet EU IPPC Directive.
  • TA Luft and ISO 15848-1 certified in valves.
  • Long-term adjustment-free operation - over 100,000 valve strokes.
  • Maximum system pressure: 25MPa.
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Supagraf® LF Rings

Low friction plus fugitive emission control

  • Moulded rings of expanded graphite with special low-friction coating.
  • Fugitive emission control to 50ppm or better.
  • Retains low-friction with emission control for 60,000+ valve cycles.
  • Maximum service pressure: 25MPa.
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Supagraf® Moulded Rings

Rotary sealing at very high temperatures

  • Graphite foil preformed into endless or split rings.
  • Highest purity Nuclear Grade also available.
  • Outstanding temperature and chemical capabilities.
  • Also recommended for valve stem duties.
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Supagraf® Premier

World-beating fugitive emission control

  • Independently certified to TA Luft requirements.
  • API 622: average emission level of 10.5ppmV.
  • Top of its class in independent tests run on behalf of CAPI Group (Akzo Nobel, Shell, Dow and DSM).
  • Low friction on rotary and rising stem valves.
  • Maximum system pressure for general application: 25MPa.
  • Certified system pressure in BSM valve: 69MPa.
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Walkersele® Ultraglide

Reformulated HNBR elastomer for high temperatures and long life

  • Highly extended sealing life with many fluid media.
  • Low friction material with greater abrasion resistance for improved running.
  • Improved heat dissipation for high efficiency sealing.
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