Noise and vibration reduction
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Noise and vibration reduction

Noise and vibration are intrusive pollutants of the modern world that can be injurous to health, plant and production efficiency. Therefore anti-vibration and noise attenuating products are an essential part of any dynamic system in an industrial or transportation environment.

Our ranges include scientifically-developed products for the effective anti-vibration mounting of machinery, shock absorption with heavy plant, and noise attenuation in buildings.

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Tico® Adjustamount

Swift precision levelling of plant and machinery

  • Stud with base plate containing Tico® S pads.
  • Accurate adjustment for levelling or gradients.
  • Low profile for minimum additional height.
  • Wide range to suit different duties and loads.
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Tico® CF mounting pads

Critical frequency isolation

  • Unsuppassed isolation down to 8Hz under load.
  • Effectively isolate plant from structures.
  • Rapid installation - no mechanical parts to maintain.
  • Ranges of standard and non-standard sizes.
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Tico® Hi-duty pads and buffers

Cushion massive impacts and shock loads

  • Three grades of very tough and resilient pads.
  • Absorb highly destructive shock loads to prolong machinery life.
  • Retain properties under extreme conditions.
  • Pad composition varied to suit specific duties.  
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Tico® LF mounting pads

Isolate disturbing frequencies

  • Scientifically designed bonded-sandwich pads.
  • Excellent plant/structure isolation at low frequencies.
  • Easy to install - no mechanical parts to maintain.
  • Two grades to suit most applications.
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Tico® S machinery mounts

Resilient mounting pads for general plant

  • Blend of selected cork particles and elastomers.
  • Can eliminate anchor bolts when used with Tico adhesive.
  • Rapid installation for flexible plant layouts.
  • Attenuates vibration and transmitted noise.
  • Compatible with all types of machine base.
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Tiflex Acoustic Barriers

Cut noise and vibration between floors

  • Three grades to meet UK Building Regs Document E. 
  • Isolate noise and vibration - attenuate transmission between floors of multi-occupancy buildings.
  • Maximum performance with minimum thickness.
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