Profile cutting services
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Profile cutting services

Precision profile cutting is a service we provide to industry, based on our laser-cutting facilities in Devon, UK, and our abrasive water-jet cutting cells in Cumbria, UK.

With these state-of-the-art machines, we can swiftly cut any sheet material - from 100mm thick stainless steel and thin foil, to aluminium, titanium and plastics.

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Laser cutting

Precision cut profiles from metal or polymer sheet

  • Swift sub-contract service for industry.
  • Cuts mild steel to 20mm thickness, stainless steel to 10mm.
  • Works from customers' CAD files, or samples.
  • Large stocks of alloys held in readiness.
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Profile cutting by abrasive water-jet

To any shape, size or quantity - within minutes

  • Profiles and gaskets precision-cut from any sheet material up to 100mm stainless steel.
  • By CAD/CAM controlled abrasive water-jet cutters.
  • All standard flange designs held in memory.
  • Specials and prototypes cut directly from your CAD files.
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