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Compression Packing

Tank Lids

Tank Lid SealsOur comprehensive Tankatite range of tank lid packings has been constantly developed to meet increasingly stringent international regulations that cover the maritime transport of chemical and potentially hazardous cargoes.

Extensions to the range cover the requirements of road and rail transport plus static or mobile tank containers.

We also offer our patented Halo manlid seal for tank containers, and the simple yet very durable Hachsele for cargo covers and access hatches of seagoing vessels.


Halo manlid seal

Used on tank containers worldwide

  • High integrity sealing for tank container manlids.
  • PTFE construction - chemically resistant and hygienic.
  • Best value replacement for moulded or braided seals.
  • Patented design fits majority of hatch recesses.
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Tankatite® 250

For road and rail tankers

  • Modified form of Tankatite® 440 to seal the smaller tank lid recesses of road and rail tankers.
  • Tough, resilient and long-life product that withstands repeated opening/closing cycles. 
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Tankatite® 440

Suitable for all types of vessel and IMO classes

  • Jackets of PTFE tape and inert polypropylene yarn over a resilient elastomeric core.
  • Seals tank lids, hatches and inspection covers on tankers carrying bulk liquid cargoes in all IMO classes.
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Tankatite® 660

Designed for heated cargoes

  • Gas-tight seal for tank lids over heated cargoes such as molten bitumen.
  • Heat resistant grade - operates at up to +230°C.
  • Withstands repeated opening/closing cycles.
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Tankatite® 880 Super

For static and mobile tank containers 

  • For lids on tank containers for road, rail or static duties at up to 200kPa pressure.
  • Suitable for chemicals, petroleum and foodstuff.
  • Recommended for aggressive cargoes under an inert gas blanket.
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