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Compression Packings

Complementary Products

We offer here our special services, accessories and lubricants that simplify the maintenance or assembly of your packed glands on pumps and valves.


Copper Anti-Seize Compound

General purpose lubricant paste

  • Prevents seizing, galling, thread damage, etc.
  • High purity blend of copper and graphite particles in a high melting point petroleum carrier
  • Can be used at up to 1000°C
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Packing extractors

For trouble-free removal of old packings

  • Highly effective hand tools for positive removal of hard and worn packings
  • Gain access to glands in difficult positions.
  • Four sizes suit packing sections from 5mm to 20mm and above.
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Packing ring cutter

Easy-to-use hand tool for perfect scarf joints

  • Robust, accurate jig for cutting 45° scarf joints.
  • Light to carry, simply to set and use.
  • For packing sections of 3mm to 20mm and ring IDs of 10mm to 140mm. 
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Pre-formed packing rings

Precision moulded to fit each gland

  • Rings ready-moulded from length-form packings.
  • Ideal for OEM assembly and equipment refurbishment.
  • Recommended for severe operating conditions.
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Silicone Grease

Suitable for food and potable water plant

  • For lubricating gland packings before installation.
  • Approved for use with potable water.
  • Very low order of toxicity, plus wide chemical resistance.


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