Hydraulic Sealing Products

Sealing kits - For OEM or maintenance

We custom-assemble complete kits of sealing items for the manufacture or refurbishment of any specific hydraulic system. These can be bagged and custom branded, or supplied as blister-pack Identikits.


Customised sealing kits

Complete hydraulic sealing kits supplied to order

  • Bagged kits containing all the sealing products needed for a specific hydraulic assembly.
  • Kits can be custom-branded and over-printed with your dedicated part numbers.  
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Blister pack with all seals for specific equipment

  • Complete sets of sealing products.
  • For the assembly or refurbishing a specific piece of equipment.
  • All components held firmly in easy-to-view pack.
  • Diagram shows where to install each component. 
  • Single part number simplifies stockholding.
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