Hydraulic Sealing Products

Special duty products and custom seals

We provide a selection of special-duty products that extend our range, and also have the R&D facilities and production capability needed to design, test and manufacture custom seals for any hydraulic (or pneumatic) application.


Comflex® Fabric Reinforced Bellows

Hydraulic ram protectors

  • Heavy-duty bellows of elastomer-proofed fabric
  • Protect exposed metal surfaces from contaminants.
  • Withstand rapid motion and heavy vibration.
  • Designs to suit the most aggressive industrial environments. 
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    Composite seals for special duties

    Custom-designed for specific applications

    • Rod/gland or piston seals.
    • Low dynamic and breakout friction for smoothest operation.
    • Compact designs to suit simple recess grooves.
    • Typical maximum operating pressure: 40 MPa.
    • Typical maximum surface speed: 5.0 m/s.
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    Fluolion XT

    High performance material for hydraulic seals in metallurgical plant

    • Specially developed low-friction material.
    • With excellent abrasion resistance.
    • Used successfully over many years.
    • In composite seals for piston and rod applications.

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    Self-aligning Gland Rings

    Optional feature with heavy-duty hydraulic packings

    • For duties under particularly arduous conditions.
    • On plant with heavily worn rams.
    • Or large degrees of offset.
    • Or large extrusion gaps between gland follower and ram.
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    Tube test seal in polyurethane

    High performance seal for hydrostatic testing

    • High pressure capability with extreme wear resistance.
    • Dual or single hardness.
    • Special lip profile for maximum seal life.
    • Manufactured in high tensile, impact-resistant polyurethane.
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    Tube Test Seal Type S

    Moulded in wear-resistant elastomer-proofed fabric

    • Self-energising seal for high-pressure hydrostatic testing.
    • No axial compression required.
    • Small seal sections compatible with long seal life.
    • Minimum shutdown time for seal replacement.
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