Elastomer and plastics moulding
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Elastomer and plastics moulding

Our moulding facilities are world class - matched by the materials development, processing and application skills that customers rely upon when quality is the prime requirement.

We have vast arrays of compression and vacuum presses in the UK and USA that produce precision elastomeric mouldings from the smallest O-ring up to massive seals and other items of 2.2m diameter - and to unlimited diameter using special mould-joining techniques.

With thermoplastics and thermosets, our state-of-the-art injection moulding facilities provide a full service for the custom-production of geometrically complex components for all sectors of industry.

Full Product Range


Cast moulding

High performance polyurethane castings 

  • Precision produced for many industries.
  • Static and dynamic applications. 
  • Small batches to millions.
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Diving & personal protection items

Precision moulded elastomeric products

  • Face masks, nasal units, mouthpieces, regulator valves... 
  • Materials certified to defence and civil specifications.
  • Experienced at prototyping and full production.
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Injection moulding

Thermoplastic polyurethane & all thermoplastics

  • Capacity from small batches to millions.
  • Including food and beverage handling components.
  • Custom-made and standard parts for many industries.
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Liquid silicone mouldings

Liquid silicone 3D rubber mouldings.

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Micro mouldings

Very small and accurate 3D rubber mouldings

  • For precision applications of all kinds.
  • Full range of elastomeric materials.
  • Components for a wide range of industries.
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Moulded gaiters

In a full range of materials

  • Colours and surface finishes to match mating components.
  • Sizes to in excess of 400mm diameter.
  • Side spouts, breather holes, etc, included.
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Moulding & mould-joining of elastomers

For top quality giant seals and other components

  • Section diameters are moulded to very close tolerances.
  • Diameters over 2.2m: two or more smaller components are precision moulded, cut then mould-joined together.
  • Diameters under 2.2m: larger component is precision moulded, then cut back and mould-joined. 
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Mouldings for food & pharmaceutical

Precision components in FDA & USP certified materials

  • Elastomeric mouldings for pharmaceutical, brewing and food sectors.
  • Sizes from 3mm diameter to in excess of 600mm.
  • Existing tooling for thousands of components.  
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Precision elastomeric mouldings

Our main method of production

  • Precision moulding of high integrity elastomeric components.
  • Press capacity up to 2.2m diameter.
  • Over 10,000 moulding tools in our library.
  • Non-stocked tools readily made to specification.
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Precision rubber mouldings

2D and 3D rubber mouldings.

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