Elastomeric extruding
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Elastomeric extruding

Our elastomeric processing facilities include the extrusion of natural and synthetic rubbers using both continuous and batch production methods. We produce solid, hollow and sponge-filled profiles using extrusion techniques.

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Hollow and sponge extrusions

Where compressibility is needed

  • Hollow extrusions allow the section to be compressed.
  • Hollow seals can be inflated and deflated.
  • Sponge and sponge-filled extrusions provide compressibility with inceased stiffness.    
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Solid elastomeric extrusions

In standard and high-performance elastomers

  • Reliable and cost effective production method.
  • Virtually unlimited range of profiles achievable.
  • From small diameter cord to snow-plough blades.
  • 'Endless' components formed by mould joining. 

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