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Care of the environment

James Walker is deeply committed to environmental excellence. Many of the products and services we supply worldwide are are expressly developed to help industry meet even more stringent environmental targets by:

  • Reducing fugitive emissions from plant.
  • Helping companies meet the European Union IPPC directive.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of plant and equipment.
  • Cutting downtime for renewable energy generation.
  • Attenuating noise and vibration.

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EU Industrial Emissions Directive

Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on industrial emissions (the Industrial Emissions Directive or IED) is the main EU instrument regulating pollutant emissions from industrial installations.

We can help process companies to control VOC emissions by using our services, plus products that represent Best Available Techniques (BAT) under the directive and are approved to TA-Luft and other appropriate standards.

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Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of industry worldwide is enhanced by the use of lower friction sealing products such as our Walkersele® Ultraglide rotary lip seals, Supagraf® expanded graphite and PTFE-based gland packings, and high-efficierncy hydraulic seals with instant response to pressure variations.

Long-term energy efficiency also derives from reduced fluid leakage created by our improvements in sealing technology, as energy-expensive products are no longer lost so readily as fugitive emissions or spills.

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Fugitive Emission Control

Fugitive Emission Control We have wide ranges of fluid sealing products that are proven to reduce VOC fugitive emissions from pipelines, processing plant and pressure vessels - with many of these products being TA-Luft certified to demonstrate Best Available Technique under the European Union's IPPC directive.

In addition, our world-leading range of rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant elastomers and seals help reduce the potential severity of leakages at oil and gas wellheads and pipelines.

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Noise and vibration reduction

Noise and vibration are intrusive pollutants of the modern world that can be injurous to health, plant and production efficiency. Therefore anti-vibration and noise attenuating products are an essential part of any dynamic system in an industrial or transportation environment.

Our ranges include scientifically-developed products for the effective anti-vibration mounting of machinery, shock absorption with heavy plant, and noise attenuation in buildings.

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