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Hydraulic Sealing Products

Hydraulic Sealing ProductsOur family of hydraulic sealing products provides the optimum sealing solutions for almost every hydraulic application - from the most accurate instruments and control actuators up to the heaviest forging and extrusion presses.

Each product has been specially developed and proven to give...

  • Optimum equipment performance
  • Reduced leakage
  • Low friction operation
  • Long trouble-free operating life

As well as arduous and critical duties, we also recommend our hydraulic seals for your less demanding roles. Their superior quality will give best value benefits in reduced plant downtime and maintenance costs.

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Bearing Strips and Wipers

We have two bearing strips and five wipers to suit heavy and medium duty operations.

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Piston seals

We have eleven ranges of well-proven top quality piston seals covering single or double-acting systems.

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Rod/gland seals

Our eleven designs of hydraulic rod/gland seals cover virtually every industrial application.

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Sealing kits - For OEM or maintenance

We custom-assemble complete kits of sealing items for the manufacture or refurbishment of any specific hydraulic system. These can be bagged and custom branded, or supplied as blister-pack Identikits.

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Special duty products and custom seals

We provide a selection of special-duty products that extend our range, and also have the R&D facilities and production capability needed to design, test and manufacture custom seals for any hydraulic (or pneumatic) application.

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