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Lofilm® - for rods & glands

As the name suggests, our Lofilm® rod and gland seal operates reliably for very long periods with the absolute minimum thickness of stable fluid film on the dynamic contact surface.

The seal comprises a robust gland ring (female adapter), plus one or more V-shaped intermediate rings, and a header ring. The header ring is a positive seal, precision moulded with a knife-cut sealing edge to give maximum integrity and an annular groove to increase the response to applied pressure.

Special features

  • Highly versatile seal that reduces stockholding requirements.
  • Excellent performance at high and low pressures.
  • No axial compression - no in-service adjustments needed.
  • Very low leakage rate reduces clean-up and top-up requirements.
  • Available in split form for major downtime savings.
  • Can be supplied with Self-aligning Gland Ring for use with heavily worn rams and other arduous duties.

Typical applications
With its 'dry' running characteristics, Lofilm® is the high performance seal most suitable for virtually all types of hydraulic press (main rams and drawback rams), hydraulic cylinder glands and single acting piston heads, and hydraulic valves. 

Operating capabilities

  • Maximum operating pressure: 42MPa (6092psi). Modified design and materials can considerably extend this capability.
  • Temperature range (standard materials): -20°C to +100°C (-4°F to +212°F) up to 250mm (9.84 in) OD; or to +120°C (+248°F) above 250mm (9.84 in) OD.
  • Maximum temperature (special materials): +200°C (+392°F).
  • Maximum surface speed: 0.5m/s (98.4fpm). For higher speeds please consult our Technical Support Team.

Materials of construction - up to 250mm (9.84 in) OD
Gland ring/female adapter

Standard material: high performance acetal copolymer.
Special materials: cotton fabric proofed with natural rubber (NR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), butyl (IIR), or fluorocarbon (FKM).

V-shape intermediate rings
Standard material:
cotton fabric proofed with blend of synthetic rubbers.
Special materials: cotton fabric proofed with natural rubber (NR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), butyl (IIR), or fluorocarbon (FKM). Also solid rubber or PTFE.

Header ring/male adapter
Standard material:
abrasion resistant medium nitrile (NBR) rubber.
Special materials: ethylene propylene (EPDM), or fluorocarbon (FKM) rubber for use with certain phosphate ester fluids.

Materials of construction - above 250mm (9.84 in) OD
Gland ring/female adapter.
Standard material: cotton fabric proofed with with a blend of synthetic rubbers.
Special materials:
cotton fabric proofed with natural rubber (NR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), butyl (IIR), or fluorocarbon (FKM). 

V-shape intermediate rings
Standard & Special materials:
as for sizes up to and including 250mm (9.84 in).

Header ring/male adapter
Standard & Special materials:as for sizes up to and including 250mm (9.84 in)

Media capabilities
Standard materials are suitable for use with most mineral based hydraulic fluids and most fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil or water/glycol types at temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). They are also resistant to air, water and most lubricating oils and greases. Where fire-resistant fluids are used, it is essential to advise our Technical Support Team of the type and designation due to the effects that can occur with different grades.

Special materials considerably extend the range of application in terms of temperature, fluid compatibility and abrasion resistance. Please ask our Technical Support Team for further information.

How supplied
Available in radial sections from 4mm (0.16 in) upwards. Endless packing sets in standard materials to suit housings to BS ISO 5597 - Long axial length series are readily available up to 2.2m (87 in) OD.  Inch sizes and split packing sets are also available. Other sizes are manufactured to order, but tooling charges may be incurred. Fitting instruction are supplied with every seal.

Find the right size standard seal
Please visit our Selector for hydraulic seals to discover if one of our standard size seals will match your application. Then check seal suitability for your working pressure, speed, temperature range, and hydraulic fluid media, via our Hydraulic Sealing Guide, or contact us for expert advice.

If Selector cannot find a match for your application, please contact us directly, as we have thousands of mould tools for non-standard sizes, and the one you want could easily be among them. Also, please consult our Hydraulic Sealing Products – Size Charts guide, as this contains a wealth of extra information on seal sizes and availability.

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