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Solosele® G - for rams, rods, glands & pistons

Solosele® G is a compact rod/gland seal and single-acting piston seal that saves space without compromising its high integrity sealing capabilities.

It comprises a profiled elastomeric sealing element that is firmly protected by an integral anti-extrusion element of rubber-proofed fabric. High integrity sealing is enhanced by its flexible chamfered lips.

In operation, the elastomeric element provides low-pressure sealing by means of radial squeeze. As pressure increases, the pressure responsive action maintains the sealing force - even when there is significant rod misalignment. 

The tough integral fabric/rubber base resists extrusion whilst being sufficiently flexible to allow recess fitting in the majority of cases. 

Special features

  • Compact seal with excellent high and low pressure sealing capabilities.
  • Excellent extrusion resistance for long operational life.
  • Simple to fit.
  • Cost savings through reduced housing groove requirements.

Special versions
Solosele® G-AE is available with separate triangular base ring (external or internal) of PTFE, nylon or acetal to reduce friction or limit seal contact area on short-stroke applications. Dependent on whether the seal is used in a rod/gland or piston sealing application, the seal base ID or OD corner has a moulded chamfer recess in which the split anti-extrusion element/ring is positioned.

Odd-legged design is available tp prevent excessive axial movement within the housing. This prevents fluid pumping under the seal lip during low-pressure rod retraction.

Typical applications
Rod seal for hydraulic cylinders; ram seal for hydraulic presses; or single-acting piston seal. (Two seals can be used for double-acting piston duties, but care must be taken to relieve any potential inter-seal pressure build up).

It is also suitable for slow semi-rotary applications including swivels and distributors. Additional duties include turbine blade roots, guide vanes and servo motors on hydroelectric plant - and as a static seal that offers the benefits of an 'O' ring with integral anti-extrusion capability. 

Operating capabilities

  • Maximum operating pressure: 42MPa (6092psi).
  • Temperature range (standard materials): -20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F). 
  • Temperature limits (special materials): down to -45°C (-49F) with low nitrile (NBR) rubber; or up to +200°C (+392°F) with fluorocarbon (FKM).
  • Maximum surface speed (reciprocating): 0.5m/s  (98.4fpm). For higher speeds please consult our Technical Services Team.

Materials of construction
Elastomeric sealing element
Standard material
: medium nitrile (NBR) rubber.
Special materials: low nitrile (NBR) rubber, or fluorocarbon (FKM).

Anti-extrusion element
Standard material
: cotton fabric proofed with a blend of synthetic rubbers.
Special materials: cotton fabric proofed with a blend of synthetic rubbers for use with low nitrile (NBR). Fabric proofed with fluorocarbon (FKM) for use with sealing element of fluorocarbon (FKM).
Media capabilities
Standard materials are suitable for use with most mineral based hydraulic fluids, and most fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil or water/glycol types at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). They also resist air, water and most lubricating oils and greases.
Special materials extend considerably the range of application in terms of temperature, fluid compatibility and abrasion resistance. Please consult our Technical Support Team.

How supplied
Solosele® G is supplied as standard in endless-form for optimum sealing performance. Standard sizes to fit piston head and rod/gland housings to BS ISO 5597 - Short (L1) and Medium (L2) axial length series and BS ISO 6020-2 are readily available. Numerous other moulds are available for non-standard sizes from 3mm ID to 2.2m OD. Standard inch sizes from 0.125 inch ID to 87 inch OD.

Other sizes within these metric and inch limits are manufactured to order, but tooling charges may be incurred. Larger diameter endless seals - to unlimited OD - can be made using our special mould-joining technique.

Fitting instructions are supplied with every seal. 


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