Hydraulic Sealing Products

Wiper Type L


Our Wiper Type L rings are designed to limit the ingress of foreign matter into the area of the seal housing on a wide variety of reciprocating hydraulic systems.

Manufactured in a versatile elastomer-proofed fabric, these rings provide an effective wiping action whilst being tough and resistant to the wear encountered in such applications. 

Special features

  • Effective wiping action in abrasive media.
  • Tough rubberised fabric construction.
  • Hardwearing for a long working life.
  • Extensive standard range.

Typical applications
Heavy duty wiping operations on a wide range of reciprocating plant and equipment.

Operating capabilities

  • Temperature range (standard materials): -35°C to +120°C (-31°F to +248°F).

Materials of construction
Standard materials: cotton fabric proofed with nitrile (NBR) rubber.
Special materials: include cotton fabric proofed with fluorocarbon (FKM) rubber; and solid rubber.

Media capabilities
Standard materials are suitable for use with most mineral-based hydraulic fluids and most fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil emulsion or water/glycol types at  temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). They also resist air, water, and most lubricating oils and greases.

Special materials considerably extend the range of application in terms of temperature and fluid compatibility. Please consult our Technical Support Team.

How supplied
Readily available in split or endless form in standard materials to suit a wide range of sizes. Rings to other sizes, within the range 8mm (0.32 in) to 1960mm (77.2 in) flange OD, or in special materials, are manufactured to order, but tooling costs may be incurred. Fitting instructions are supplied with each wiper ring.

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