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Rotary Seals

Walkersele® D7

Walkersele® D7 has a specially developed robust profile. It will withstand fluid pressures to 400kPa for applications such as the radial sealing of ships' stabilisers, as well as numerous process plant and transmission system duties.

Special features

  • Works at up to 400kPa pressure differential. To achieve this the heel of the seal lip must always be supported.
  • No costly profiled lip support plates needed for working at pressure.
  • Flexible yet robust lip maintains sealing contact on slightly misaligned or eccentric shafts.
  • Fabric-backed (retained) version can be supplied as Walkersele® OSJ-2 for On-Site Joining.

Walkersele® D7 availability
Existing tools - our tool library covers all popular D7 sizes and many non-standards. We easily check mould availability. Where we have suitable tools, your seal will be supplied on short delivery time without tooling charges.

Specials - new tools are swiftly made in-house for non-standard sizes. In these cases a tooling charge will be applied. Seals for shaft diameters from 25mm to 2200mm are produced by conventional moulding methods. Sizes above this and up to unlimited diameter are manufactured using our highly developed vulcanised mould joining technique.

Download the Walkersele Radial Lip Seals

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