Rotary Seals

Walkersele® D1

Our original and highly proven design for Walkersele® radial lip seals. This design, with a non-chamfered lip, has been given a new lease of life with Walkersele Aflas® on chemical pulping lines in the pulp and paper industry, where its square leading edge helps to prevent fibre build-up and ingress.

Walkersele Aflas® is based on Aflas® TFE/P from Asahi Glass. 

Special features

  • Aflas® version, manufactured with ports and grooves, provides long-term protection for bearings of dewatering presses at pulp works.
  • Fabric-backed (retained) version can be supplied as split-type or Walkersele® OSJ-2 for On-Site Joining using our patented technique.

Walkersele® D1 availability
Existing tools - we hold many tools for this orginal standard design, plus specific sizes for the modified Walkersele Aflas® version, and can easily check mould availability. Where we have suitable tools, your seal will be supplied on short delivery time without tooling charges.

Specials - new tools are swiftly made in-house for non-standard sizes. In these cases a tooling charge will be applied. Seals for shaft diameters from 25mm to 2200mm are produced by conventional moulding methods. Sizes above this and up to unlimited diameter are manufactured using our highly developed vulcanised mould joining technique. 

Download the Walkersele Radial Lip Seals Guide

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