Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Supagraf® Plain Jointing

A premium quality sheet jointing of 98% pure exfoliated graphite.

Our Ultra High Purity (99.8% pure) grade is available for nuclear industry applications.

Prime features

  • Widest temperature range of all our sheet jointings.
  • Very easy to cut - although large gaskets may need support during carriage and fitting.

Physical properties (Standard grade)
(Typical values for 1.5mm thick sheet)
Density, Mg/m³:  1.0
Compressibility, %:  49 (ASTM F36A)
Recovery, %:  16 (ASTM F36A)
Leacheable chloride ion content, ppm:  <50

Service capability
Maximum temperature (oxidising media):  +400°C
Maximum temperature (*inert/reducing media):  +2500°C
Minimum temperature:  -200°C
(* Ensure that temperatures above +400°C on atmospheric side of flange do not cause gasket to oxidise inwards from outside edge.)

How supplied
Precision cut gaskets to any shape, size or quantity. In sheets: 1m x 1m, 0.5m x 1m. Sheet thicknesses: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. Rolls up to 60m long; width 1.0m. Roll thickness: 0.5mm.

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