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FS Casing and Tubing Seal

FS Casing and Tubing Seal

Our FS Casing and Tubing Seal has been specially developed to undertake arduous sealing duties where there are large clearances between mating parts of wellhead and associated assemblies.

This design is essentially a hybrid of the Springsele® and P-Seal. The most common applications are replacements for P-Seals as casing and hanger seals on wellheads.

Dependent upon material and component size, our FS Seal can be designed to operate on API 5CT casing and tubing or to customer specific requirements.

Special features
The combination of design, materials and construction ensures that high-performance FS Casing and Tubing Seals retain their sealing integrity under adverse operating conditions, including;

  • Stab-in operations
  • Rough casing
  • Wide ranges of temperature and pressure
  • Chemically aggressive and highly abrasive oilfield media

Operating conditions to API requirements
FS seals are designed to be used on API 5CT casing and tubing and have been validated by a number of customers in this application under a variety of different operational conditions.

The seal is precision moulded in rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant hydrogenated nitrile HNBR elastomers. Anti-extrusion capability is provided by two toroidal springs mould-bonded into the outer edges of the primary sealing face.

Materials selection
Standard options are HNBR elastomers: We have a wide range of materials that can be used for production of FS Casing and Tubing Seals, all well proven for a range of performance characteristics including wear resistance, rapid gas decompression resistance and broad temperature capabilities. Visit our materials pages or contact the James Walker team for information on the best material choice for your particular application.

Non-standard or special options are available, including FKM materials, where media and application conditions dictate.

How it is supplied
FS Casing and Tubing Seals are system pressure energised and designed to accommodate the OD tolerances and surface finish of API 5CT casing and tubing (proprietary designs can be created to cover specifications other than API 5CT). These seals can be retrofitted to many conventional P-seal housings with minor modifications to the ports.

The stab-in end of the casing needs just simple hand-ground chamfer preparation before insertion offering significant reductions in installation time without the need for separate pack-off operations. The flexibility of the seal, combined with the benefits of securely mould-bonded springs, helps to simplify the fitting operation and ensure correct location in housings.

A standard range of FS Casing and Tubing Seals  is  available  for  nominal  casing  sizes  from 27/8 inches to 20 inches utilising API 5CT tolerances - additional proprietary designs are available to meet customer specific requirements.