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Wyclip® is our highly popular clip-in scraper/wiper that proves very effective for removing even the most abrasive foreign matter from rods.

Its remarkably simple design enables the Wyclip® ring to be housed with the minimum machining of metal parts. Only an annular recess is needed for the housing - no retaining plates or unsightly bolts are required.

The ring is simply pressed into position. Positive self-retention is ingeniously achieved by its outer lip springing into position behind the recess shoulder.

Special features

  • Powerful scraping action for highly efficient removal of abrasive particles.
  • Excludes contaminants.
  • Very simple to fit with its clip-in action.
  • Hardwearing for long working life.
  • Remains in contact with the rod under the most demanding conditions.

Typical applications
Heavy duty operations on jack rods of earth-moving plant and other construction equipment, forklift trucks and any items of industrial plant that work in arduous conditions and need a robust rod scraper/wiper.

Operating capabilities

  • Temperature range (standard material): -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)

Materials of construction
Standard material: a specially developed semi-rigid, yet resilient, hardwearing thermoplastic.
Special materials: PTFE, acetal, and other materials are available on request.

Media capabilities
Standard material is suitable for use with most mineral-based hydraulic fluids and most fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil emulsion or water/glycol types at temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). It also resists air, water, and most lubricating oils and greases. 

Special materials extend considerably the range of application in terms of temperature and fluid compatibility. Please consult our Technical Support Team.

How supplied
Available in endless form only, in standard materials and a wide range of metric and inch sizes. Rings in other sizes, or in special materials, are manufactured to order. Fitting instructions are supplied with each pack of rings.

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