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FR25/90 - RGD resistant

Low temperature capability with ED resistance

  • Fluoroelastomer FKM tetrapolymer based material
  • Norsok M-710 qualified for RGD resistance & sour gas ageing
  • Operates efficiently -41°C (-42°F) to +200°C (+392°F)
  • Well proven in oilfield application

This material has been superseded by Vermilion Three, which offers improvements in performance in key areas. Recognising that FR25/90 has been a market-leading material for many years and is written into many specifications, this material remains available on request.

R25/90 is a James Walker compound based on a fluoroelastomer FKM tetrapolymer. It is specially formulated for rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistance and low temperature operations -41°C (-42°F) to +200°C (+392°F).

This nominally 90 IRHD material is widely used for sealing duties at oilfields where it exhibits excellent resistance to the fluid media. Its qualification to the stringent Norsok M-710 standard - covering both RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) ageing tests - plus its approval by end users for use in RGD environments, place it as one of the world-leading elastomers for high pressure gas applications.

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