Materials Technology

FR58/90 - RGD resistant

Specified for many high-pressure gas duties

  • Based on Chemours Co. Viton fluoroelastomer (FKM) terpolymer
  • Norsok M-710 qualified for RGD resistance and sour gas ageing
  • Excellent thermal and chemical properties
  • Widely approved and specified by operators and OEMs

This material has been superseded by Vermilion Four, which offers improvements in performance in key areas. Recognising that FR58/90 has been a market-leading material for many years and is written into many specifications, this material remains available on request.

FR58/90 is a James Walker compound based on a Chemours Co. Viton fluoroelastomer (FKM) terpolymer. It is specially formulated for rapid gas compression (RGD) resistance, where it has gained the stringent Norsok M-710 qualification that comprises both RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) ageing.

This nominally 90 IRHD elastomer is approved and specified by many oil producers and equipment manufacturers for high-pressure gas applications. Its excellent chemical and thermal properties, enhanced by RGD resistance in hydrocarbon applications, make it one of our most popular materials for specialist oilfield sealing duties.  

Its working temperature range is -27°C (-17°F) to +210°C (+410°F).

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