Elastomer Technology

Silicone VMQ - General grades

Silicone (VMQ)

Chemical properties
Excellent resistance to air, oxygen, hot and cold water, lower alcohols and vegetable oils. Good resistance to heat, weathering, and water/glycol hydraulic fluids.

These elastomers also have excellent electrical insulation properties.

Typical operating temperatures
-60°C to +200°C continuous, or +250°C intermittent. Silicone compounds have good resistance to compression set at high temperatures.

Fluid sealing duties
Specific grades are recommended for food processing applications, where their chemical properties and wide temperature range prove beneficial. However, general industral applications are often limited by high gas permeability, low tensile strength and poor resistance to tear and abrasion.

James Walker standard grades
We have many grades of silicone rubber. They are supplied in hardnesses of 40-80 IRHD.

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