Static Seals

Metal End Cap Seals

Our Metal End Cap Seals are hybrid metal/elastomeric products with the high level of extrusion resistance necessary for high pressure casing and tubing applications.

James Walker has a long history of successfully designing and supplying these seals for ISO 10423 F.1.11 (pressure and thermal cycling) accreditation. 

Special features

  • Metal end caps are chemically bonded to element of high performance elastomer.
  • Elastomer energises the system for efficient sealing.
  • Intimate metal-to-metal contact between end cap and sealing surface.
  • End caps provide extrusion resistance and support for elastomeric element.
  • Metal components of stainless steel or nickel alloy for corrosion resistance.

How supplied
Often custom designed and manufactured to suit specific wellhead sealing environments. Also available in a range of sections, sizes and materials.

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