Static Seals

Dome Seals

These compressed-air operated seals are energised to provide pressure-tight sealing within a dome valve for fast cut-off and flow regulation of a wide range of powders, pastes and granules.

They are suitable for use in pneumatic conveying systems that range from bagging fly ash and regulating ore in silos, to dispensing food products into containers. 

Typical applications
Replacement inflatable seals for dome valves that control the flow of bulk materials in numerous industrial sectors and processes including:

  • Coal-fired power stations.
  • Waste incinerators.
  • Ironworks and steelworks.
  • Cement and gypsum production.
  • Mineral processing.
  • Sand filling systems.
  • Washing powder manufacture.
  • Food processing.
  • Pharmaceutical processing.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Rail and tramways.

Materials of construction
We manufacture these seals in numerous elastomers including:

  • Silicone (VMQ) and food-quality silicone to FDA requirements.
  • Fluorocarbon (FKM).
  • Nitrile (NBR).
  • Hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR).
  • Chloroprene/Neoprene (CR).
  • Ethylene-propylene (EPDM). 

How supplied
Standard diameters: 50mm (2-inch), 80mm (3-inch), 100mm (4-inch), 150mm (6-inch), 200mm (8-inch), 250mm (10-inch), 300mm (12-inch), 400mm (16-inch). Other sizes can be manufactured on request.  


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