Engineering Plastics

Devlon® T100

Devlon® T100 is a proprietary grade of cast polyamide that is inherently stress free. It provides excellent wear properties with low friction and improved impact strength. It is black in colour.

Typical applications
This material is well proven in a wide range of industrial applications, including crane sheaves, bushes, rollers/wheels, racks and pinions, boom wear pads, and gaskets. 

Typical properties of Devlon® T100

Tensile strength @ +23°C (+73°F):
73.9MPa (10721psi) - ASTM D638
Tensile strength @ -40°C (-40°F): 116.56MPa (16906psi) - ASTM D638
Elongation at break @ +23°C (+73°F): 3.66% - ASTM D638

Hardness to Shore D (Rockwell R):
76/78 (113) - ASTM D785
Flexural strength: 127.48MPa (18490psi) - ASTM D790
Deformation under load for 24 hours - 140kgf/cm² @ +23°C (1991lb/in² @ +73°C): 1.0/2.0% - ASTM D621
Charpy impact strength @ +23°C (+73°C): 63.9J/m (1.20ft-lb/inch) - ASTM D256
Charpy impact strength @ -40C (-40F): 20.2J/m (0.38ft-lb/inch) - ASTM D256
Modulus of elasticity: 3798MPa (550862psi) - ASTM 638
Compressive strength: 140MPa (20305psi) - ASTM 695
Compressive yield strength: 88.9MPa (12894psi) - ASTM 695

Linear thermal expansion coefficient @ +30-100°C (+86-212°F):
1.43 x 10-4 mm/mm/°C (0.79 x 10-4 in/in/°F) - ASTM E831
Melt point: +217°C (+423°F) - ASTM D3418
Deflection temperature under load @ 1.82MPa (264psi): +79°C (+174°F) - ASTM D648
Deflection temperature under load @ 0.445MPa (66psi): +207°C (+405°F) - ASTM D648
Service temperature (short term): +170°C (+338°F) - ASTM D570
Service temperature (long term): +100°C (+212°F) - ASTM D570

Dielectric strength: >15kV/mm (>380kV/inch) - ASTM D149
Specific gravity: 1.14 - ASTM D792
Water absorption @ 24 hours: 0.12% - ASTM D570
Water absorption @ saturation: 3% - ASTM D570
Flammability: Self-extinguishing - ASTM UL94

How supplied
Custom-designed and precision-manufactured components to meet customers' precise specifications.  

For additional information please visit the Devol website