Hydraulic Sealing Products

Lionsele® U1 - for rods, glands & pistons

Lionsele® U1 is a U-profiled seal of high performance polyurethane, that provides excellent resistance to extrusion and abrasion in general duty hydraulic systems.

The lip profile of this seal is designed as an interference fit within the housing. The radial squeeze provided by this action gives efficient sealing at low pressures. When pressure rises. the seal becomes pressure-responsive to maintain sealing forces throughout the operating range.

Special features

  • High mechanical strength polyurethane provides excellent resistance to wear and extrusion.
  • Flexible lips ensure long and effective sealing life.
  • Combination of seal material and design minimises plant downtime - even in aggressive working environments.

Typical applications
General duty systems - rod seal for hydraulic cylinders, ram seal for hydraulic presses, and a single-acting piston seal.

Operating capabilities

  • Maximum operating pressure: 42MPa (6092psi)
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F). 
  • Maximum surface speed: 0.5m/s (98.4fpm).

Material of construction
Precision moulded in wear-resistant polyurethane (AU/EU). 

Media capabilities
Suitable for use with most mineral-based hydraulic fluids at temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). Also resistant to air and most lubricating oils and greases. Where fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil emulsion or water/glycol types are used, please contact our Technical Support Team for advice on temperature limits.

How supplied
To suit housings to BS ISO 5597 - Short (L1) and Medium (L2) axial length series, and BS ISO 6020-2 housings. Other sizes can be manufactured to order. Fitting instructions are supplied with every seal.