Hydraulic Sealing Products

Lionsele® SP - for pistons

Lionsele® SP is a five-piece double-acting seal with split anti-extrusion and wear rings, designed for use on spool type or single piece pistons. It is also suitable for use on two-piece piston assemblies.

This seal comprises an elastomeric sealing element, two anti-extrusion rings and two rigid thermoplastic wear/guide rings.

The elastomeric sealing element has an interference fit with the housing, to ensure sealing integrity, even at low pressures. The anti-extrusion rings prevent extrusion of the sealing element at higher pressures, whereas the wear/guide rings act as bearings to align the piston witnin the cylinder bore.

Special features

  • Compact seal assembly that incorporates guide rings to minimise housing size.
  • Robust product with anti-extrusion elements that extend operating life and minimise downtime.
  • Suitable for both one-piece and split-type pistons.

Typical applications
Double-acting cylinders on a wide range of industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.

Operating capabilities

  • Maximum operating pressure: 42MPa (6092psi).
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +100°C (-4°F to +212°F).
  • Maximum surface speed: 0.5m/s (98.4fpm). For higher speeds, please consult our Technical Support Team.

Materials of construction
Sealing element: Medium nitrile (NBR) elastomer.
Anti-extrusion rings: High-performance polyurethane (AU/EU).
Wear/guide rings: Polyacetal (POM). 

Media capabilities
Suitable for use with most mineral-based hydraulic fluids, and most fire-resistant fluids of the water/oil emulsion and water/glycol types, at temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). Also resistant to air, water and most lubricating oils and greases.

How supplied
To suit housings to ISO 6547. Other sizes can be manufactured to order. Fitting instructions are supplied with each seal.


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