Hydraulic Sealing Products

Tube Test Seal Type S

This seal is moulded in wear-resistant elastomer-proofed fabric. It is designed to operate with tube testing machines that repeatedly seal and release the steel tube ends as part of the hydrostatic testing process. 

The quality of the seals used is a crucial factor in the reliability of such machines, and therefore our tube test seals offer the highest levels of performance.

The seal back is a hard grade of reinforced proofed fabric that provides considerable torsional rigidity. The back is fully moulded to lips of a more flexible proofed fabric, for high sealing integrity.

A taper on the outside lip ensures efficient sealing, even though axial float of the seal is permitted.

Special features

  • Self-energising seal that does not require axial compression.
  • Small seal section compatible with long seal life.
  • Minimum shutdown time for seal replacement.
  • Ease of test head maintenance.

Operating capability

  • Maximum operating pressure: 69MPa (10,000psi).

How supplied
Custom manufactured to any size. Standard sizes are available for tubes of nominal bore from 42.2mm (1.66 in) to 431.8mm (17 in).

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