Hydraulic Sealing Products

Self-aligning Gland Rings

Our Self-aligning Gland Rings are designed for use with heavy-duty hydraulic packings where conditions are particularly arduous.

Each set comprises two triangular section rings of wear-resistant engineering thermoplastic. Under system pressure, these slide apart from each other in a controlled manner to absorb wear and offset in the system.

Typical applications
Available as optional feature with the following James Walker hydraulic sealing products:

  • Chevron®.
  • Lion® Expanding Packing.
  • Lofilm®.
  • Lofilm® HD.

They are particularly recommended for hydraulic plant with:

  • Heavily worn rams.
  • Large degrees of shaft offset.
  • Large extrusion gaps between the gland follower and ram

Materials of construction
Manufactured as standard in high strength, wear resistant nylon. Special water-resistant grades of nylon are available on request.

How supplied
Each set is supplied as two split rings, manufactured for your specific application.

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