Static Seals

Kalrez® 0040 perfluoroelastomer

DuPontTM Kalrez® 0040 Perfluoroelastomer is specifically designed for low temperature environments where significant chemical resistance is required.

Its ground-breaking polymer and cure technology takes low temperatures sealing performance (-42°C) to an area once thought unattainable for perfluoroelastomers parts.

Kalrez® 0040 is an excellent choice in applications such as couplings for the chemical transportation industry, where elasticity is required in some of the coldest environments. With regards to chemical resistance, Kalrez® 0040 will seal against a wide array of chemicals over all temperature ranges. As an example of its chemical performance, volume swell is about 10% when exposed to Nitric Acid at 110°C for 168 hours.

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Kalrez® authorised distributor
James Walker is the authorised distributor in the UK, Ireland and France for the supply and technical support of sealing and fluid handling parts made by DuPontTM from its many Kalrez® grades.

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