Rotary Seals

Walkersele OSJ-D

Where access to the shaft and housing is restricted for whatever reason, we have developed the alternative OSJ-D fitting option.

Although the basic principles involved in the joining of the seal ends remain the same, a number of innovations have been made around the jig and clamping tool. The new clamping blocks allow the seal to be successfully joined without being supported on a shaft. They hold the seal ends in place whilst bonding takes place where the use of the metal clamping band being applied around the outside of the seal to pull the seal together is not possible due to lack of access.

This new adaptation of the OSJ method allows the seal to be joined and then manoeuvred into its housing even in cases where access may only be available through small inspection or access hatches.

• New OSJ-D clamping tool is available across a range of seal sizes/options.
• Individual seals are supplied with a custom silicone jig for precise location during the joining process.
• Seals provided with twin-peg locating system, offering accurate joint positioning.
• The clamping system and tool kit can be used for multiple installations of the same size of seal.

As with the Walkersele OSJ-2 system, OSJ-D is available for all Walkersele designs and in three grades of elastomer - nitrile (NBR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) or fluorocarbon (FKM).

As this system also utilises the same adhesive, the bonding technique still imposes an upper operating temperature limit of 150°C on the installed seal.

For further guidance on any aspect of on-site seal joining, please discuss your requirements with our Applications Engineering Team.

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