Rotary Seals


Bi-O-Lion® has been developed as part of an extensive compatibility testing programme designed to provide a clear understanding of the effect on seals and components of switching to EAL products.

Bi-O-LionThrough this programme James Walker has explored the suitability of a vast range of elastomer formulations against more than 30 major EAL products currently in use.

  • Bi-O-Lion is a high-performance fluoroelastomer material specifically formulated for compatibility with EALs and EAL/seawater media
  • Resistant to degradation and swelling in use with EALs
  • Suitable for all marine propulsion duties including stern tubes, steering gear, stabilisers, thrusters and POD propulsion systems
  • Fully evaluated in both static immersion and dynamic testing for a minimum of 1,000 hours
  • Designed to match maintenance schedules for vessels running EALs
  • Material is also suitable for O-Ring and hydraulic sealing components

View the results of our testing programme demonstrating Bi-O-Lion compatibility with over 30 EALs currently in use. If a specific lubricant is not currently featured in our results and you would like it testing, please ask your EAL supplier to contact us.

As the number of EALs on the market is continuing to grow, our test programme will also continue, future results will be published on this website.