Devlon V-API valve seats

Devlon® V-API has been developed by James Walker in close cooperation with the valve industry as the answer to the search for a superior valve seat material.

Specifically formulated to provide enhanced performance across a wide temperature and pressure range, Devlon V-API is now widely specified by valve manufacturers and has rapidly gained approval for use by major oil and gas producers.

Devlon V-API is a proprietary formula developed by James Walker, which includes additives that allow the material to perform at higher pressures and temperatures than the majority of soft valve seat materials.

In Devlon V-API, James Walker has created a material that offers a cost effective solution with superior performance - performance that is protected by Positive Material Identification Technology. PMI Technology is a microscopic additive incorporated within the Devlon polymer that can be identified from the smallest sample of material.

In safety critical applications such as valves, it is vital that the material specified is the material used. Devlon with PMI Technology gives manufacturers and end users the peace of mind that they are using genuine Devlon polymer.

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