Cartridge Seal Systems

What are the benefits?

What is KlickFixThe key benefits of using KlickFix are...

  • Easy and quick to install - no special tools or expertise required
  • Multiple sealing lips offer extended operational life
  • Stored sealing lips can be deployed in seconds - bringing pumps back into service with minimal process interruption
  • Predictable performance allows accurate planning of maintenance
  • Long, trouble-free life, predictable in operation
  • Easy on-site refurbishment and return to service
  • Simple seal element refurbishment kit reduces cost of spares stockholding
  • Low flush flow rate/consumption in abrasive applications (typically 0.1-0.15 l/min 0.26-0.40 US gal/min)
  • Tolerant of dry running - can periodically run without flush
  • Operates with a wide range of media due to PTFE sealing elements
  • No/low leakage
  • No adjustment required
  • Minimises environmental impact by reducing flush requirements
  • Simple/robust design with no moving parts

Where can you use KlickFix?

  • Centrifugal process pumps and other rotary machinery
  • Shaft sizes 38 mm to 115 mm (1½" to 4½")
  • Shaft running surface is 0.1 to 0.4 μmRa surface finish and 60 HRC hardness
  • Maximum run-out 0.10 mm (0.004") TIR (total indicated run-out)


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Our KlickFix product guide is designed to help you find what you need. However if you are unsure which route to take then contact our experts for a recommendation.

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